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Tactile, forever moments that are frozen in time


Innovative, modern, cutting edge with a touch of class and tradition.

Working with Children Certified. Police Checked.


These unique gifts are sure to amaze. Lithophanes are etched or molded artwork in thin translucent material that can only be seen clearly when back lit. Click Here to order online.


Cameo's are jewellery, typically oval in shape, consisting of a portrait of a loved one in profile 3d printed in relief on a background of a different colour. Unique and impressive, they are the perfect gift.


A three dimensional work of art, 3D printed statues are beautiful and unique and bring an air of aristocracy and nobility to the masses.


Bring your ideas to life. We can print from a variety of different file types and will work with you to ensure your ideas become reality.

Mobile Scan and Print

Mobile Service now available. We come to you.
Melbourne Metro area
$99 : 1 child wall plaque and cameo
$149 : 2 children wall plaque
$199 : 3 children wall plaque
$199 : 5 inch Statue
Working with children certified and Police Checked.







Capture a moment in time, remember it, feel it and enjoy it forever.
Whether it be Lithophanes, Cameos, Wall plaques, Light Boxes or Statues, everyone will love these timeless, unique gifts.
We can also help you realise your own models, whether it be a machine part, quad copter accessory mount, template, cookie cutter or mould, we can turn your imagination into reality for a lot less than you might expect.
Click here to order your Lithophane online now.


Bring your imagination into the realms of reality with our Prototyping service.
Create anything from camera mounts, custom cookie cutters, your inventions, spare parts, cosplay pieces or movie memorabilia for a lot less than you may think.
Print in either PLA (starch based, strong, friendly for the enviromnment) or ABS (stronger and more flexible and able to withstand higher temperatures).
We will work with you to turn ideas into physical objects

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Custom Jewellry
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Custom Cookie Cutters
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Custom Camera Mounts

Cosplay, Movie reproductions and Models

Custom cosplay costume solutions, movie memorabilia/reproductions and models

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What our clients say?

Rachel - Melbourne. So beautiful. An incredible gift.

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Kylie - Melbourne . Got one of these as a gift, and I absolutely love it. A nice change from the usual photo in a frame.

client image 2

Michael - Melbourne. A perfect momento of a perfect day.

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